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03/05/2013 / renegadesofjunk

Whitby With Your Rhythm Stick

I know, I know. It’s been ages. What can I say? I’ve been applying for PhD funding again (fingers crossed please), and am temporarily without a digital camera. BUT. I have found a picture of a recent haul on my phone, so no excuse not to blog. Anyway. Just over a month ago I went on a road trip with some friends to Whitby. We stopped off on Malton on the way and found a load of charity shops when we only had 10 minutes to get back to the car. I still managed to buy stuff, don’t worry. No pictures though. I couldn’t resist these cups, I have enough cups so I bought these as a birthday present for a freind. I think my taste is changing and I really like plain cups, maybe at some point I will start replacing my chintzier things with more simple patterns. Maybe. I also got a set of turquoise plastic salter scales. Pretty standard but nice looking and I needed them. Yawn.

Anyway, we went onto Whitby, and as predicted it was lovely. I had a massive haddock for lunch and played my first game of crazy golf. We also went to all the charity shop as well as some proper vintage shops that I couldn’t buy stuff in because I was being sensible. I did pick up this little lot though:


A Steeleye Span album (because I kept threatening to), and a Tears for Fears album (because I seem to really like them?). I got that nice owl because my housemate has one and I think my granny might have one too? I’ve not got a clue what I’ll keep in him… On top of the Tears for Fears record are two pairs of clip on earrings, I’m too much of a wuss to have mine pierced but I’m also scared to wear these in case they fall off… In the middle is a small picture of a victorian girl, this is to go in the eclectic ‘small art’ collection I’ve started on my bedroom wall. I’m sure one day my tastes will be coherant but that isn’t get. And next to her is a lovely little keyring, the only thing I bought from a vintage shop. When you look in the view finder and press a button there are pictures of the Yorkshire coast, it’s lovely. Not on my keys yet though. And the next day I got a lovely pyrex loaf dish (?). I’m tempted to keep some pots of herbs in it but I might just use it for baking or whatever (recent revelation – I don’t like baking).

11/08/2012 / renegadesofjunk

The Road to Wigan Pier

WARNING: This blog contains some very hastily taken photos

Look! Not a song title but the title of a book I’ve not read! But I had to because last Saturday all the charity shops I visted with my friends Rachel and Lucy were encountered on the road to Wigan Pier. Sort of. I mean, we went to Wigan pier and the charity shops were on the way, so…

It was my first visit to Wigan, and it’s quite nice really. There are loads of bakeries and loads of churches and loads of charity shops. And the pier which was….interesting. The charity shops in town, I found slightly disappointing. They were obviously focused on not looking too tatty and putting out nice clothe, which is probably great for the majority of charity shoppers but I like a rummage. I came away with three records (this, this, and this) and a nice twinset that will be ideal for the 70’s education themed party I’m going to on Saturday but I was feeling quite underwhelmed. After lunch (mine was ok but the vegetable lasagne had baked beans in it), we headed back to Rachel’s house and I was pretty excited because I remembered passing two charity shops that looked like they were FULL of junk. In the first one there were LOADS of things I wanted to buy, including a teaset where everything was shaped like sea-shells but because I was being sensible, I came away with just this:

Sadly one of them suffered a broken leg on her journey back to Leeds, but I’m sure you all agree that £3 for 5 deer is a bargain. Oh also I think the two small ones are meant to be chained to the big one. I don’t know why.

In the next shop the first thing to catch my eye was a set of ‘Party glasses’ (this is what the price label said). Originally there were four but as we got back to the house I tripped over and broke two of them. It was a sad moment. Anyhow, here are the remaining two.

Look how lovely they are! Pastel balloons! I really wish I had more, I even searched for ‘balloon glass’ on ebay, but apparently it’s a type of glass and not just a glass that happens to have pictures of balloons on it. And from the same shop (the women who worked there were lovely), I also got these:

Aren’t they amazing? I also thought that, as they were only a small wedge they wouldn’t hurt my delicate feet too much. Queue a few hours/drinks later and I was walking shoeless through town. Oh well.



10/27/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Bring back my Bonnie to me

I’m back! With a slightly overdue and sad post but it does feature junk, I promise. And I just need to get this one out of the way so I can move onto all the other posts I have planned. Anyway. Just over two weeks ago my lovely cat Bonnie was hit by a car, taken to an emergency very by some nice people, but unfortunately died in the night. She was a bit gross but definitely the happiest, friendliest cat I have ever met. Here’s a picture.


It’s from the time I didn’t know how to get rid of the date on my digital camera, but whatever. There she is. Anyway, this was obviously really sad but also a massive ballache because I had to go to a far away vet on the bus and give them MONEY because someone couldn’t drive slow enough to stop when they saw my WHITE CAT. But whatever, I can’t drive, I don’t know. So my hosuemate took the day off work to come with me and we did all that stuff and then got fish and chips and walked into Pudsey, which was the nearest little town. She got a lovely jumper, I got two records (Buffalo Stance and Ant Music). Anyway, other than that I was pretty underwhelmed by Pudsey, so we got on a bus to Bramley, another little town on the way home. That was a BIG MISTAKE, we say UPSTAIRS on a bus full of school children. It was really, really horrible and I was in a terrible mood. Which meant that by the time we got there I was quite easily persuaded to buy more stuff I didn’t really need. Everything I got was from Cats Protection because, you know, dead cat and all.

The first thing to catch my eye was this lovely Christmassy owl picture. I actually have another by the same ‘artist’ but I can’t find it. I’ve not decided whether to just have it up all year round or use it as a Christmas decoration…I mean, snow and holly isn’t just for Christmas is it?

My housemate (HI RACHAEL) I think picked up this next thing because it’s pretty funny.


You can’t see it here but someone has done some really half-assed emrboidery on this horse picture. I might finish it or I might just leave it as is. I think I’m enjoying round things at the moment; my parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago and brought me a really nice round mirror my grandparents bought me years ago. The next thing is round too, see?


It might go in my bedroom where, as yet I don’t have much of my ‘art collection’ on display. I like it because of the rabbit’s vacant stare.

And to end this on a happy note, I bought kitten, she is awesome and is sat under my arm purring right now.

08/28/2012 / renegadesofjunk

What DifFrance Does it Make?


Hello! This blog has taken me a REALLY LONG time to do because a) the internet is TOO SLOW and b) WordPress seems to have changes and I don’t know how to use it anymore, it seems way harder to download pictures. As I speak, the pictures are all MOVING AROUND and it’s really annoying me, but I’ve already started again once…

What I want to tell you all about, though, is my trip to FRANCE. It was lots of fun, I ate loads of cheese, drank loads of wine, and read some books. But I also harboured fantasies of going to a nice French flea market, and picking up some Arcopal, which is the French version of Pyrex, I think, and maybe some nice enamel jugs (insert casual sexism here).This was not to be, but I did get my parents to take me to a Brocanteur (I believe this means purveyorof fine bric-a-brac), and although I didn’t buy anything it was definitely an experience. The top two pictures are, respectively, a box of WAR THINGS (we were in Normandy, some war happened there apparently) and lots of relgious figurines. There were LOADS of these in all the bric-a-brac/antique shops I looked in the windows of, I know some people really like that sort of thing although I can never make up my mind.

Below, is the one thing I really, really wanted but it was mega expensive. But seriously, they are KENNELS. For storing FOOD AND DRINK STUFFS IN. Amazing.


The shop really was a lot of fun to look at, it was literally packed to the rafters, and they had some great french signs and some really cool toys. But, like the cannisters, they were mostly out of my price range.

So I pretty much gave up on the buying-French-junk-dream, and just had a nice holiday instead. Until we got to Dieppe for our ferry. We were early so after a heft moule frite/chardonnay/sorbet lunch we had a walk around the town, through a market that my parents declared full of junk. And right at the very last stall, I picked up THESE!!!!!!!

1 euro each, I obviously had to have both although they’re not a matching set. I like this size, they might go in my room rather that on the creepy child wall I’m working on (pictures soon).

08/07/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Junk in the Monk

Not my usual hilarious song title pun, because my friend Het was insistent I do a blog called junk in the Monk, after we went to a flea market at the Merry Monk, which is technically my local, I guess, except they have lots of English flags on the outside and it’s always put me off. As it turned out, the pub wasn’t unpleasant and the flea market was pretty good. Het got some nice jugs (wink wink), some brooches and a standard lamp, which I enjoyed watching her carry down the road from upstairs on the bus on my way into town. Anyhow. Given that I’m skint I’m doing pretty well at buying pointless tat, and here is what I got.


I mean, I don’t even know what it is? I can see it’s an embroidered cat encased in some sort of frame on a stand, but….I still don’t know what it is? Still, it is so ridiculous I couldn’t resist, and it’s now on my coffee tabled perched atop the 1981 ‘Girls World’ annual. 

The second and final thing I bought is more predictable, as you know I really like pyrex and have trouble leaving it behind. Het found this for me, and I probably left a pool of dribble on the pub floor. 


I apologise for having taken this picture on top of a stereo covered in an Ikea bag. But look. It’s pyrex. It has SNOWFLAKES ON. And it is also BLACK WITH A MATT FINISH. For £1. 

08/05/2012 / renegadesofjunk

On Ilkley Moor buying tat

Hello, it’s been a long time hasn’t it! I’ve now been in my new house a month and, as I unpack I am discovering more amazing stuff to blog about. But first I want to show you what I bought on my trip to Ilkley last week. It’s partly an excuse to show you this song.

I’ve been to Ilkley before and didn’t think much of the charity shops but I must have just gone on a bad day, because this time I picked up so pretty good junk. The first shop I went into, I remembered from my previous visit because it has potential and I think you need to go in quite regularly. Sadly I can’t remember what the charity was, rendering this information slightly useless. Anyway. The first thing to catch my eye were these fire king bowls. They are a bit more twee than the glassware I usually buy but I’ve been after some shimmery fire king for a while, and at 50p each I couldn’t say no. I think they look like bowls mermaids might use. I imagine I will use them to serve desserts at all the dinner parties I have.*


I also bought these two little tankards. I don’t think I need them really but I do like small things so, here they are:


I think I really lucked out in the next shop, an Oxfam. I usually find Oxfams quite expensive so I was really, really pleased to find these Hornsea pieces.

On the left is a mug, it says August on it and Ebay tells me you can get them for every month of the year (though I could only find September and December. On the right I think is perhaps for sugar? It doesn’t say Hornsea on the bottom, but it is the same mould as the mug except without a handle. It depicts the hare and the tortoise having a race – look, here’s the tortoise:


I think these will look pretty great in my china cabinet (which I am planning to blog about soon).

And here is my final purchase, pretty handy because I had something to put everything in to take home.Image

I need to think of a use for it now, at the moment my cats like sitting on it but that could be annoying if I want to open it and put stuff in it. By the way, isn’t my coffee table amazing? I bought it from Poverty Aid to put in my new house. As it happens my house came with brown sofas that look pretty awesome with it too.









*which is none.


06/06/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Don’t you forget about me

I can’t believe I’ve not blogged since the end of March. That’s a pretty poor show, I hope I still have some readers! Basically, I have been buying a house and it’s eaten my brain a bit. That is not to say I’ve not been junk shopping, and I do have some lovely pyrex, and an amazing type writer to share with you (both of which were bargains). However, these are all packed, so it’ll have to wait until I move (July?) The upshot of this is that I will probably be trying to get my hands on some nice new vintage furniture. Currently I’m looking for the perfect coffee table, and a little table for the kitchen.

Mmmm, lovely lovely G-plan. There’s one on Gumtree right now but a bit more expensive than I’d like. Failing that, a nice formica one with a magazine rack underneath would do just fine.

Anyway this is just a little ‘hello I still exist’ post, I might not buy much before moving because it seems a bit silly to, so you’ll all have to wait!

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