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11/08/2012 / renegadesofjunk

The Road to Wigan Pier

WARNING: This blog contains some very hastily taken photos

Look! Not a song title but the title of a book I’ve not read! But I had to because last Saturday all the charity shops I visted with my friends Rachel and Lucy were encountered on the road to Wigan Pier. Sort of. I mean, we went to Wigan pier and the charity shops were on the way, so…

It was my first visit to Wigan, and it’s quite nice really. There are loads of bakeries and loads of churches and loads of charity shops. And the pier which was….interesting. The charity shops in town, I found slightly disappointing. They were obviously focused on not looking too tatty and putting out nice clothe, which is probably great for the majority of charity shoppers but I like a rummage. I came away with three records (this, this, and this) and a nice twinset that will be ideal for the 70’s education themed party I’m going to on Saturday but I was feeling quite underwhelmed. After lunch (mine was ok but the vegetable lasagne had baked beans in it), we headed back to Rachel’s house and I was pretty excited because I remembered passing two charity shops that looked like they were FULL of junk. In the first one there were LOADS of things I wanted to buy, including a teaset where everything was shaped like sea-shells but because I was being sensible, I came away with just this:

Sadly one of them suffered a broken leg on her journey back to Leeds, but I’m sure you all agree that £3 for 5 deer is a bargain. Oh also I think the two small ones are meant to be chained to the big one. I don’t know why.

In the next shop the first thing to catch my eye was a set of ‘Party glasses’ (this is what the price label said). Originally there were four but as we got back to the house I tripped over and broke two of them. It was a sad moment. Anyhow, here are the remaining two.

Look how lovely they are! Pastel balloons! I really wish I had more, I even searched for ‘balloon glass’ on ebay, but apparently it’s a type of glass and not just a glass that happens to have pictures of balloons on it. And from the same shop (the women who worked there were lovely), I also got these:

Aren’t they amazing? I also thought that, as they were only a small wedge they wouldn’t hurt my delicate feet too much. Queue a few hours/drinks later and I was walking shoeless through town. Oh well.




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