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03/31/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Hello! So I realise it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but don’t fear, because I have the spoils not one but TWO charity shop trips to share with you. I’ve been a bit broke this month but apparently it’s not stopped me picking up some bargains. This here is probably my favourite of the things, it’s a chicken to keep eggs in and I’ve wanted one for ages. A mere £2 from the RSPCA shop in Scarborough. But no eggs in it right now because I ate them for my tea. It’s not the normal style but I like it’s weird specklyness (is this the sort of word Tyra Banks would make up?)

In the same shop I also picked up this chap, who I couldn’t resist for 60p. When I broguht him home my housemate said he wanted to smash him up and make him into something better. I hope he sees this picture, looks into his soulful eyes and feels REALLY GUILTY for saying that, I really do.

I’ve also picked up a couple of new brooches this month. I really like brooches, the more novelty the better (plus the receptionist at work said I wear nice brooches and I feel the need to impress her). The hat my friend found for me in one of the many charity shops in Headingley, and the Eiffel tower is also from RSPCA, Scarborough.

On the same Headingley trip (which actually began, for me, in Meanwood) I also picked up these. An egg poacher to make heart shaped poached eggs – not sure how effective it’ll be but I liked the idea of it? And the obligatory JAJ pyrex dish, 75p. One day I will find one with a lid. Seriously. Sadly it looks as though it is destined to join my pile of pyrex that has no home, there is already too much pyrex in the kitchen. And here are my final purchases:

A map-of-Norfolk-tile that has been made into a…….teapot stand? I don’t know but my Grandparents live in Norfolk so it’s always reminded my of Christmas.

And here is my new record, Rockabilly Dynamite. Yeah! It has dynamite on the front and a definition of Rockabilly on the back.

02/29/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Sitting on the Dock of Whitley Bay

This week I am going to show you the spoils of a trip to Ilkley, a trip to Whitley Bay, and TWO trips to Otley Car Boot. Are you excited? You should be.

I will do this in chronological order. So a few weeks ago (three, maybe) I went to Ilkley for the day. On the whole I was disappointed. There are lots of charity shops but they’re TOO EXPENSIVE, similarly there are lots of places to eat some food but there are TOO EXPENSIVE AS WELL. Anyhow, I would have felt entirely let down if not for finding this gem in the last charity shop we went into. I gasped very loudly when I saw it.

Eventually he will look excellent next to another picture I have of a child with a massive head who is also an artist, but for now I think he/she might live on my Dallas Simpson wall. Suffice to say there is NOTHING about this picture I don’t love.

The following weekend a gig took me to Newcastle, where I stayed with an old friend and we went to Whitley Bay on the metro. Whitley Bay is pretty amazing, I’ve heard it’s near the sea but we don’t bother looking at that because we were too busy visiting about 10 charity shops. 10! Can you even imagine? Other than a couple of nice cardigans (yawn) and a couple of records (Toni Basil and Belinda Carlisle) there were my favourite purchases.

A HUGE pyrex mixing bowl. Actually it’s JAJ not pyrex, except that is pyrex if you live in the UK (you can read about that here). This was pretty heavy, so I had to buy a weird bag on wheels to take it home on the train. My other favourite Whitley Bay purchase was this:

This might go and live in the kitchen, just to piss off my housemates who I am fairly certain will hate it. I almost hate it. But that makes me like it all the more.

The next day, I went to Otley Car Boot (carboot? Car Boot?), which is always recipe for disaster. Again, I got some records I can’t really be bothered to talk about. But I was also naughty and got more pyrex. I even saw it and said ‘I won’t get that because I don’t need plates or bowls’, but then it was 50p, for the LOT. And here it is:

As you can see, I’ve cleaned it up. Ahem. I was never sure about this pattern but it’s really grown on me. It’s called Carnaby I believe. I also bought something that looks set to start another collection.

He’s pretty creepy but who could resist that happy face? Anyhow, he brings me onto my final picture, purchased the following week  in the same place, for a mere 20p.

Yeah. A washing machine teapot. What? Who’s idea was that? Anyway, looks like I collect novelty teapots now, and my boyfriend is on his way round with one in the shape of a pie and mash shop. Amazing.

By the way, if it’s your payday too and you want a treat, can I suggest going here? So many amazing brooches that I ended up buying 5.

02/05/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Holt, in the name of love…

…because Holt is like, halt, which means stop, right? This is my worst title yet.

Anyway. Hi everyone, I am back after my computer-less hiatus, ready to fill your lives once more with pictures of stuff I don’t really need but couldn’t resist. I had planned another pyrex post but my pyrex isn’t all in my house, so that will have to wait.

This weekend I went to stay with my Grandparents, who live in a town in North Norfolk called Holt. It’s really pretty and, crucially, has five charity shops and a few antique shops, too. I was disappointed initially, because it’s quite a posh town which means the charity shops don’t have quite enough tat. They’ve also cottoned on to the whole vintage thing which meant looking for any vintage dresses wasn’t an option (though now I’m trying to lose all the weight I’ve pretty much banned myself from new clothes). Anyway, I persevered and came away with some good find. In Break, whichi I’ve not come across before and was quite big, I picked up this nice little deer:

I like his smiley little face, he was only 75p and will look lovely on my shelf, which is now getting a bit overcrowded. I also got a birthday present for a friend there, but I won’t post that here because she might read this.

My best haul was from the Salvation Army shop though, which my Grandparents didn’t rate but I thought it was brilliant for a proper rummage. In some boxes outside I came across these:

Since I sometimes do little bits of cross-stitch, I’m always on the hunt for cheap frames in different sizes, so the one on the left is perfect and was only 50p. I couldn’t resist the picture on the right, which I will probably give to my boyfriend to go with the rest of his bird pictures. As it doesn’t feature sad children and isn’t shiny it’s probably a bit too tasteful for me.

I wasn’t going to bother with the records but I’m glad I did, because I finally got a Tammy Wynette best of.

Now I have two record players, I’ve found I like different music in my bedroom to the living room. The living room record player is mostly used when I’m doing stuff in the kitchen so I like quite upbeat music, and my bedroom is reserved for slightly move relaxing music (currently a lot of Carol King) so this is perfect, and I’ve been listening to it while I type.

Last but not least I would like to share with you a non-charity shop purchase because it was a bargain none-the-less. As you may recall from an earlier post I really like pictures of sad-eyed children, and I’ve nearly bought some of these before.

These are obviously good because they combine children and baby animals. And silly hats. The prints are signed ‘Strev’ and this blog tells me the artist’s first name is Harriet. I got these for £5 for the pair from an antique shop – I’ve seen them on sale for more in the past but a quick glance on ebay usually confirms big eyed children aren’t nearly as popular as the sexy lady prints of Lynch, Tretchikoff and Shaber. I can’t think why…

12/29/2011 / renegadesofjunk

C30 C60 C90 (Glas)Go(w)

Well, it’s been a pretty long time since my last blog but I’ve decided, rather than wait until my laptop is repaired, I’m going to go for a pictureless blog (written as I do EXTRA WORK out of CHOICE on the reception of a Psychiatric Hospital) as I apparently deem charity shopping and the like more important than having a fully working computer. I may edit later with some hasty phone pictures, but don’t hold your breath!

I’ve been meaning to post about my trip to Glasgow at the beginning of December, partly just so I could use this ‘really good play on a song name’/crap blog title. Having been before I was especially looking forward to going here, which basically consists of several rooms full of junk, with a market running through the middle. On our first visit I came away with not one but two Dallas Simpson pictures for about £2 so I had extremely high expecations. Unfortunatley the weather was terrible and despite a macaroni cheese pie en route, I was pretty cold, wet and miserable so my junk radar was somewhat lacking. I did come out with a copy of Kimono My House though and I would recommend the visit. Also worth mentioning you can buy a battered mars bar on the way if you walk from the town centre; I was still full (and slightly sick) from my macaroni cheese pie though.  

By far the most exciting though was our discovery of an Oxfam Record shop in the West End which a) was reasonably priced and b) had actual records in it that I actually wanted! The first discovery was a copy of The Cars by The Cars; the most exciting thing about this being that there were two copies so my boyfriend could have one too. But by far one of the most exciting ever charity shop happenings for me was finding a copy of the Go Gos-Beauty and the Beat, which I have wanted on vinyl for ages and not been able to afford on ebay. Oh, and if you want to drink cheap white/black russians and eat so much vegan food that you feel ill for the rest of the day, and possibly bump into Manda Rin out of off of Bis, here is good. Genuinely the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted.

11/21/2011 / renegadesofjunk

Don’t be Mean(wood Community Shop)

Money woes have dictated that I’ve not been able to do as much junk shopping as I would have liked lately so I’ve not had much to blog about. With this in mind, I did ‘the rounds’ on Saturday (Mind on St. Michael’s Lane, one side of Otley Road, into Meanwood, then back up the other side of Otley Road and home via the other one on the road I forget the name of), although I got (/had bought for me) a lovely clock from a friend who was doing a vintage stall, it was slim pickings in the charity shops. As a result, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to the Meanwood Community Shop, where on my first trip I came out with 9 records, including two of my most overplayed; Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’; and the obligatory copy of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’, for £1 each. Other bargains have included two Hornsea Heirloom bowls for 25p each (the start of a slippery slope) and an action sampler camera for 50p. It’s also an amazing place to buy books and these are two of my favourite ‘literary’ purchases:

I think this cost me 25p, well worth it for all the joy it brings. I’ve never cooked anything from it, it looks disgusting, but the pictures in it are amazing. Here is one of the more offensive recipes:

It’s a Cheese Hollow Loaf, you basically hollow out a loaf and put a load of cheese and meat into it. The meat filling looks a lot like vomit. Maybe it tastes really nice? My other  favourite (there should be a picture here but my computer is being mean) is a copy of  The Rules which for the uninitiated is a horrible, horrible guide to finding a husband, which is often quoted on Sex and the City and basically implies that noone will ever love you unless you entirely change your personality (unless you’re already vapid, vein, and trying really hard to be aloof when actually you are massively needy and can’t imagine anything worse than not getting a massive rock on your finger as soon as possible).  I really like having something to get a bit worked up about, it reminds me that I do have opinions and don’t really just sit around watching The Only Way is Essex, and this book made me so cross it prompted me to write an angry email to one of the authors (which she replied to, and she does not respond well to criticism). Obviously they do proper books as well, and it’s a much better, cheaper selection that lots of other charity shops so well worth checking out.

But the other best thing about the Meanwood Community Shop is the way they arrange their wares. Unfortunately on Saturday they had sold out of ‘Tiny Houses’ but they did have these:

It’s bizarre I think, I mean ‘foreign dolls’ are fairly standard charity shop things, but imagine having so many ‘fancy glass bottles’ you feel inclined to dedicate an entire box to them? Or shoe items? Do you think sometimes people donate stuff and then they’re like ‘Oh, that’s tricky, we don’t have any other pink bags/toilet roll holders/cuddly giraffes/etc. at the moment, we’ll have to wait until we get more stock in before we put it on display’? Either way, I like their style, it’s basically organised chaos. Another good thing about this shop is you can go to Waitrose after for a cake and loads of cheese.

10/30/2011 / renegadesofjunk

Car (boot) Song

I spent the early afternoon today at Otley Car Boot; I would go every Sunday if I could but I’m running out of space and money as it is. A kind friend drove us there which made it even better because usually I have to lug everything home on the bus and that’s when I break things (see my previous post). It costs a pound in and is pretty big, plus it starts at 12 which is ideal if, like me, you’re not that into getting up early on a Sunday (I especially wasn’t after being kept awake until 7:00 am on Saturday by my bastard neighbours who were having some kind of rave). It has a good mix of people who know what stuff’s worth and people who don’t really care but just want to get rid of it,and every time I go I come out with LOADS of stuff. Also there’s usually people selling cakes.

Today I decided, before I got there, that I was on the hunt for Pyrex so I was pleased to find these plates quite near the beginning of my rummage. The odd one out was 50p and I have a matching side plate, and the others were £5 for all three. I’m not sure they’re my favourite Pyrex patterns but I’m still getting a feel for all the different ones so it’s nice to have a bit of each. Plus I feel less guilty if I buy practical things like plates.

Incidentally, I was going to do a post just about Pyrex, and when I was in the pub I thought that calling it ‘Oh Pyrex, Up Yours’ was the best idea ever, then the next day it suddenly dawned on me that Pyrex doesn’t even half rhyme with bondage. Maybe it’s because I associate spandex with bondage? I don’t know…

I also got this nice bag. It was £1, you’ll notice it’s quite similar to the knitted bag I got in Emmaus, but I like bags so it’s ok. Also it was useful to have something to put all my plates in. Also the handle is wooden not plastic, therefore it’s automatically better. And I like anything that makes me look like an old lady.

These next two things were £5 for the lot, proof that if you just look at someone blankly then they will just lower the price, even if the reason for your blank stare is exhaustion and an impending hangover.

The bird pictures caught my eye because I really like that kind of frame, and also they’re nice and small. I’ve seen a good spot for them in my room but there’s another picture there already, the one of a shiny street urchin, or I might give them away, I’m undecided. I quite like all the shades of blue on them anyway, and things in sets are always nice. My friend pointed out the carafe (?) and matching glass, I have all sorts of ideas about how I could keep water in it in the fridge and then have it by my bedside but we all know the cats would just knock it over. Anyway, my friend is flying back to the Netherlands and didn’t need extra junk in her suitcase so I bought them because I really like the tree pattern. And I could be one of those people who keeps water in the fridge, it’s nice to have the option I suppose. I wouldn’t filter it though, filtered water is for losers.

Another reason for maybe giving the birds away is that they might be fighting with this next picture for space on my wall, which is certainly more in keeping with the rest of my pictures (i.e. lacking in taste). It was 50p from a stall where there was also a tin plate detailing ‘The Indian Children of Canada’, which my other friend bought.

I like lots of thinks about this picture, but I particularly enjoy the fact that she looks like she’s sprinkling pixie dust from her parasol. She also doesn’t look as sad as the children in most of my other pictures do, so that’s nice for her. I think when I was younger I would have really liked some kind of small note book with this picture on it.

Finally, a car boot wouldn’t be complete without buying some records, not quite as good as last week when I bought TWO Bruce Springsteen albums but I was pleased with these anyway.

Not the best photo but I got a Joan Baez Best of, Phil Spector’s Greatest Hits, and Leonard Cohen’s Songs From a Room for 50p each. I think the Phil Spector will get the most play, the others are good music to do the washing up to I think.

I am thinking of having some kind of competition, where people can win some of my junk. What do you think?



10/26/2011 / renegadesofjunk

Rock Me, Amade(Mma)us

The good thing about starting this blog, is that I suddenly have an excuse to buy loads of stuff I don’t need. This is a slightly overdue post about a trip to Emmaus, (, which is well worth a visit if you can be bothered to walk all that way (it’s right by the West Yorkshire Playhouse, but I am assuming that most of my readers don’t live in that bit of Leeds, or don’t live in Leeds at all, in which case it would be a really, really long walk). It’s a massive shop selling mostly furniture but they also have clothes and bric a brac, it’s staffed by homeless people who work there in return for accommodation, and it has a little cafe where you can buy a crisp sandwich. The first thing to catch my eye was this nice knitted bag, which I probably could have knitted myself if I wasn’t so lazy and impatient, and which will probably show the dirt but has become my every day bag anyway because it makes me feel warm.

There it is, artfully arranged on by bed, on top of my clean pyjamas. I do wish it had wooden handles, but it was £1 so I’m not too fussed.

I also got this desk calendar. Anyone who has met me will know that I won’t bother changing the date on it, plus I have a digital watch and a fancy new phone I don’t quite know how to use, and I am fairly sure both of those will tell me the date, but I really can’t resist orange plastic, or things that are small, and this is both, also it was 75p.

(Sorry the photo isn’t better, I’m feeling quite lazy). I actually nearly forgot about the next thing, I don’t know how I possibly could.

Yeah, it’s a planter that’s also a girl’s head. It’s pretty amazing, I’d put a plant in it but it would just die so I might use it for something safer, like pens. I think it looks a bit like a Blythe doll, which is probably why I like it so much. Unfortunately when I was going down the stairs on the bus, I hit my bag against the wall and cracked her, so I’ve had to haphazardly glue her back together, but I’m still ridiculously happy that someone actually decided to make this, and even happier to think that someone might have bought it without a sense of irony.

Last but not least, I got these.











Because obviously the party doesn’t start until the Grouse embellished glasses are out. These cost £3, and I’ve managed not to break them yet even though they’ve been on my bedroom floor for over a week. I don’t think I drink any of the drinks you’re supposed to have in these glasses, so maybe I’ll start.

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