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08/07/2012 / renegadesofjunk

Junk in the Monk

Not my usual hilarious song title pun, because my friend Het was insistent I do a blog called junk in the Monk, after we went to a flea market at the Merry Monk, which is technically my local, I guess, except they have lots of English flags on the outside and it’s always put me off. As it turned out, the pub wasn’t unpleasant and the flea market was pretty good. Het got some nice jugs (wink wink), some brooches and a standard lamp, which I enjoyed watching her carry down the road from upstairs on the bus on my way into town. Anyhow. Given that I’m skint I’m doing pretty well at buying pointless tat, and here is what I got.


I mean, I don’t even know what it is? I can see it’s an embroidered cat encased in some sort of frame on a stand, but….I still don’t know what it is? Still, it is so ridiculous I couldn’t resist, and it’s now on my coffee tabled perched atop the 1981 ‘Girls World’ annual. 

The second and final thing I bought is more predictable, as you know I really like pyrex and have trouble leaving it behind. Het found this for me, and I probably left a pool of dribble on the pub floor. 


I apologise for having taken this picture on top of a stereo covered in an Ikea bag. But look. It’s pyrex. It has SNOWFLAKES ON. And it is also BLACK WITH A MATT FINISH. For £1. 


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  1. burnyourbones / Aug 7 2012 20:07

    What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk up in the monk? Put it on your Girls World annual and your Ikea bag, obviously.

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