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08/28/2012 / renegadesofjunk

What DifFrance Does it Make?


Hello! This blog has taken me a REALLY LONG time to do because a) the internet is TOO SLOW and b) WordPress seems to have changes and I don’t know how to use it anymore, it seems way harder to download pictures. As I speak, the pictures are all MOVING AROUND and it’s really annoying me, but I’ve already started again once…

What I want to tell you all about, though, is my trip to FRANCE. It was lots of fun, I ate loads of cheese, drank loads of wine, and read some books. But I also harboured fantasies of going to a nice French flea market, and picking up some Arcopal, which is the French version of Pyrex, I think, and maybe some nice enamel jugs (insert casual sexism here).This was not to be, but I did get my parents to take me to a Brocanteur (I believe this means purveyorof fine bric-a-brac), and although I didn’t buy anything it was definitely an experience. The top two pictures are, respectively, a box of WAR THINGS (we were in Normandy, some war happened there apparently) and lots of relgious figurines. There were LOADS of these in all the bric-a-brac/antique shops I looked in the windows of, I know some people really like that sort of thing although I can never make up my mind.

Below, is the one thing I really, really wanted but it was mega expensive. But seriously, they are KENNELS. For storing FOOD AND DRINK STUFFS IN. Amazing.


The shop really was a lot of fun to look at, it was literally packed to the rafters, and they had some great french signs and some really cool toys. But, like the cannisters, they were mostly out of my price range.

So I pretty much gave up on the buying-French-junk-dream, and just had a nice holiday instead. Until we got to Dieppe for our ferry. We were early so after a heft moule frite/chardonnay/sorbet lunch we had a walk around the town, through a market that my parents declared full of junk. And right at the very last stall, I picked up THESE!!!!!!!

1 euro each, I obviously had to have both although they’re not a matching set. I like this size, they might go in my room rather that on the creepy child wall I’m working on (pictures soon).


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