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08/05/2012 / renegadesofjunk

On Ilkley Moor buying tat

Hello, it’s been a long time hasn’t it! I’ve now been in my new house a month and, as I unpack I am discovering more amazing stuff to blog about. But first I want to show you what I bought on my trip to Ilkley last week. It’s partly an excuse to show you this song.

I’ve been to Ilkley before and didn’t think much of the charity shops but I must have just gone on a bad day, because this time I picked up so pretty good junk. The first shop I went into, I remembered from my previous visit because it has potential and I think you need to go in quite regularly. Sadly I can’t remember what the charity was, rendering this information slightly useless. Anyway. The first thing to catch my eye were these fire king bowls. They are a bit more twee than the glassware I usually buy but I’ve been after some shimmery fire king for a while, and at 50p each I couldn’t say no. I think they look like bowls mermaids might use. I imagine I will use them to serve desserts at all the dinner parties I have.*


I also bought these two little tankards. I don’t think I need them really but I do like small things so, here they are:


I think I really lucked out in the next shop, an Oxfam. I usually find Oxfams quite expensive so I was really, really pleased to find these Hornsea pieces.

On the left is a mug, it says August on it and Ebay tells me you can get them for every month of the year (though I could only find September and December. On the right I think is perhaps for sugar? It doesn’t say Hornsea on the bottom, but it is the same mould as the mug except without a handle. It depicts the hare and the tortoise having a race – look, here’s the tortoise:


I think these will look pretty great in my china cabinet (which I am planning to blog about soon).

And here is my final purchase, pretty handy because I had something to put everything in to take home.Image

I need to think of a use for it now, at the moment my cats like sitting on it but that could be annoying if I want to open it and put stuff in it. By the way, isn’t my coffee table amazing? I bought it from Poverty Aid to put in my new house. As it happens my house came with brown sofas that look pretty awesome with it too.









*which is none.




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  1. burnyourbones / Aug 5 2012 14:27

    Oh man, when you described the Hornsea mugs to me I imagined something totally different. Those are so cute.

    • renegadesofjunk / Aug 6 2012 18:03

      Yeah, in a really nuts 70s way, though?

      • burnyourbones / Aug 6 2012 18:51

        Yeah. it’s like a child scribbed them on a blackboard and someone thought “wait a minute, I need that on a mug!”

      • renegadesofjunk / Aug 6 2012 19:30

        They have a matt finish, too. I’ll show you shortly.

  2. burnyourbones / Aug 5 2012 14:32

    Also, now I feel guilty about my massive neglect of my book blog. #badhet

    • renegadesofjunk / Aug 6 2012 18:03

      It’s ok, my blogging is very infrequent still. But do update it, I liked it!

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